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dead game apps?

Posted by lizcasxmp2 
dead game apps?
November 07, 2013 01:23AM
Hi, I just joined and forgive me but I am by no means good at computers, but i try and do what I can.
I have the homebrew channel and browser installed, went to the games app and was only able to download 6 games. After the 6th game, it would not download anymore. or update my existing Riivolution.

first question is Memory card is full?

Second question, the 6 games I did download, wont play! I launched them, like Mario Wars and the penguin shooter game, it takes me to the page - but nothing happens!

Help! My 6 year old thinks im a total loser!
minecraft Wii download?
November 07, 2013 01:31AM
It's me again, hello and thanks in advance for the help.
I would like to install/download Minecraft for my homebrew browser.
Can someone assist me? i tried one of those online versions and woah! almost infected my laptop. Luckily I caught it and removed the maleware/spyware.
This would be a great gift for my boy.
thanks all!
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