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New to Modding

Posted by wiiwiked 
New to Modding
June 08, 2013 08:37AM
Ok first off I am new to the site and its very informative.

But I had a couple of noob questions..

For Softmoddin the Wii .. is there a way to play Pal + NTSC games on one wii w/o changing the disposition of the Regional location of it?

What HB Apps are recommended to watch dvds on the WII?

What are the recommended Appilcations for Brew besides the HB Channel?

Thank you for you time and infromation. :)
Re: New to Modding
June 08, 2013 05:22PM
For region free gaming, you have a few options;

Gecko OS is a popular one, but it is a little dated and bloated (has a bunch of features besides region free, some of which don't work properly on updated Wiis). One of the extra features it has that does still work is cheats in games. If that's your thing, maybe consider it (although don't cheat online, because that's a horrible thing to do).

TinyLoad is (as the name suggests) tiny, under 4KB if memory serves me right, and as such is pretty basic, but does the job right (without complicating things). It's as simple as insert the disc you want to play, and load the app and the game should run automatically from there.

Riivolution isn't designed specifically for loading out of region discs, but it does do so. It is primarily designed for patching games in a bunch of ways (from simple cheat codes up to file replacements, e.g. replacing textures, models, music etc.), but it ignores the region of the games so should work fine as a region free loader. Works perfectly on all Wiis.

For DVDs, the best option is definitely WiiMC. Note that newer Wiis cannot play DVDs due to a change in hardware. The best way to find out if your Wii is too new is to try playing a DVD with WiiMC and it will either work, or WiiMC will tell you that your DVD drive is too new.

As for recommended applications, depends what you want. There's a large list here: [wiibrew.org] I recommend getting the Homebrew Browser, which lets you browse various apps on your Wii and download them (like a homebrew "app store" of sorts).
Re: New to Modding
June 30, 2013 08:07PM
i am noob here. i am looking for directions to softmod my wii u with firmware 3.0.1.
is it possible to install hbc on this firmware and gecko o/s ? i wasnt successful in this search other
than on youtube which was in spanish.
Re: New to Modding
July 03, 2013 09:54PM
Follow this guide to install HBC [forum.wiibrew.org].
Here is the guide for gecko os [wiibrew.org].

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