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Homebrew disappearing after install

Posted by Chaffette83 
Homebrew disappearing after install
October 11, 2015 08:51AM

I'm having trouble installing homebrew on my 4.3E WII. I've done it before but it disappeared, which I thought my 8yr old had something to do with, but when I try to reinstall it I am able to go through the process using letterbomb and it says homebrew installation successful . It evens opens the homebrew channel at the end but when I exit back to the WII menu, the homebrew channel disappears. I've tried several times with no success. Any ideas?

Re: Homebrew disappearing after install
October 11, 2015 09:23AM
2 things that immediately spring to mind:
- Make sure the icon for the homebrew channel hasn't been moved to one of the other system menu pages.
- Make sure you're using the latest version of the hackmii installer, older versions of the homebrew channel will be removed by the current system menu.
Re: Homebrew disappearing after install
October 17, 2015 06:06AM
Thanks I found it 2 pages over :)
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