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Installing Homebrew error message

Posted by simonip666 
Installing Homebrew error message
February 24, 2009 11:05PM
Wii 3.4u (no mod chip)

Following the procedure, when entering the automatic installation picture( talked with the Man), the folowing message appears:

Flushing IPC transactions…..Done.
Closing file descriptors….Done.
Releasing STM callback…Old callback released!
Getting SD card status: 00000001
Sd_reset_card(): got reply = 00070000
Card status: 00000700 [STANDBY]
Selecting card:
Card status: 00000900 [TRANSFER]
SD card detected
USBGecko serial interface not detected
Loading FAT:
OEM Name: , 0 bytes/sector, 0 sectors/cluster, 0 reserved sectors, 0 FATs, FAT32.
FAT size= 0
FAT starts at sector 0x6964
/ starts at sector 0x 6964
Reading boot.dol:
Boot.dol not found (-1) , reading boot.elf:
Failed to read boot.elf (-1)!
No code found to load, hanging.

Anybody can tell me what files are missing ? or what steps is wrong?
Re: Installing Homebrew error message
February 24, 2009 11:18PM
What SD card are you using?
Re: Installing Homebrew error message
February 26, 2009 08:25AM
Looks like you just need to make sure the HBC's boot.dol file is in the root of your SD card.

That's a 512mb card, yes?

Seems like the Wii is reading it just fine, but you may need to format it to FAT16. That'll make sure the card is using the correct filesystem and that unnecessary clutter and leftover data is removed.
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