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Complete Noob To All This

Posted by Topher 
Complete Noob To All This
March 25, 2009 01:46AM
Now I have full faith I can do the Twilight hack without any real issue.

I do have some questions before even really making any attempt at hacking though.
What's the pros/cons to hacking my Wii. I've never done any sort of hacking so I've never really explored my options much. Most of what I read looks well thought out and explained in a way showing the author(s) knew their goal from the start.
What are my must have downloads aside from the tools for the initial hack, as in what should I make it a point to install as well?
Anything else I should be aware of or think about before giving this a shot? Yes I've read the FAQs and know all that stuff. Didn't really answer much for me though. Also, if it really effects much, my Wii is fully updated right now since it's only a few weeks old. Thanks in advance!
EDIT: ok so not completely updated apparently. I don't have the new "storage solution" update yet.

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Re: Complete Noob To All This
March 26, 2009 02:51PM
1. a LOT to list, check here for an app list: [wiibrew.org]

2. above link

3. if you have system 3.4 from a few weks you are ok, no new hack (like the twilight hack) works on the 4.o version that came out yesterday. More info here: [hackmii.com]

good luck!
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