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Safe to update?

Posted by mcullin 
Safe to update?
March 26, 2009 06:58PM
Hey everyone,

I have a PAL Wii, firmware 3.2E . I have homebrew channel and DVDx. I want to update to 4.0E but want to make sure of a couple of things first:

-I accessed the US Shop Channel to download a WiiWare title some months back- I had to use starfall and anyregion changer to make it work, by firstly changing my shop code to the US one and then changing back, and then enabling region free channels (as well as bypassing the disk update check). The WiiWare game works perfectly. I also bought a US VC game, but to make this work I had to modify the channel (don't remember the exact procedure, but it was time consuming!) as the video settings were NTSC.

-I have since used tona's shop installer to regain access to the shop channel.

If I update to 4.0 will the wiiware game and vc game dissapear? Every firmware update warns about unauthorised save files being removed by the new wii menu- are the wiiware and vc games or their save files vulnerable?
Anything I can do?
Re: Safe to update?
March 26, 2009 07:22PM
Starfall (for regionfree channels) only works on 3.2 so you won't be able to play US games once you update
Re: Safe to update?
March 26, 2009 07:41PM
Cheers- I should've realised that!
Seems that my VC game works without region free channels enabled so it should still be playable after the update (assuming the firmware leaves the channel and its save file alone)
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