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Trouble with App

Posted by picklee 
Trouble with App
May 05, 2009 04:07AM
I am having issues with the duplicate channel remover. I used it once before and it worked (several months ago) with the twilight hack. I attempted to do it again after I received more channels and it would not remove them. I then installed the homebrew channel (which is great!) and loaded the program in the apps folder. When I go to run the program it gives me an error that it is not a valid Wii application. I tried running both versions v.1 and v.2 to no avail.

My system is running 3.4u

Any suggestions?

Re: Trouble with App
May 05, 2009 01:15PM
It may need to be converted from .ELF to .DOL format. I believe that there is a utility to do this on the wiki, called "Elf to Dol converter".
Re: Trouble with App
May 06, 2009 12:30AM
here it is:

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