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where do i configure hacks.ini

Posted by Judas543 
where do i configure hacks.ini
June 24, 2009 02:39PM
how to I setup hacks.ini

"Install preloader from HBC and setup hacks.ini"

Is it when I install preloader, then hacks.ini is already there to be set up?

Or do i have to install hacks.ini from somewhere else?
Re: where do i configure hacks.ini
June 24, 2009 02:58PM
1) Download Preloader from Wiibrew
2) On the Preloader wiki page, click on hacks.ini
3) Find the correct hacks.ini for your firmware
4) Copy the hacks.ini
5) Find the hacks.ini that you downloaded
6) Open up the file and delete all of the text
7) Paste what you previously copied
8) Install Preloader from the Homebrew Channel and put the hacks.ini on the root of your SD card
9) Configure the hacks.ini from the Preloader Menu
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