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8GB SDHC card support

Posted by zion_2008 
8GB SDHC card support
October 18, 2009 02:21PM
I have a WII version 3.4E.
I have the homebrew channel version 1.0.6 installed via the Hackmii installer v0.6

I've bought an 8GB sandisk card SDHC.
Unfortunately this does not show up in my homebrew channel.

After reading several forums and pages it seems the only way is to upgrade to system menu 4.0 or 4.1. According to all I read 4.1 is better than 4.0.

Now for the questions:
- Is the upgrade the only way to get support for SDHC cards?
- How can I upgrade to system menu 4.1? (and not further!)
- Is the NUSD tool an option and if so where can I find a guide with this tool not only to select the right parts but also to install them on the WII?

If anyone can help me with this I would be very gratefull.
Re: 8GB SDHC card support
October 18, 2009 02:35PM
HBC doesn't care about system menu. your SD is incompatable with HBC. dop-IOS MOD should help you upgrade to 4.1 Install every IOS above about 50, 60 and 61 especially, and system menu 4.1.
Re: 8GB SDHC card support
October 18, 2009 03:17PM
Okay thanks. I now see the error that I made.

If I choose from within the homebrew channel the SD card (and not from the WII system) then it shows up just fine. Via the Wiibrew explorer I loaded several games. Unfortunately I got a screendump. Power off/on. Started the HBC again and it worked (still) fine. All the selected games also showed up and worked fine.

So for the record the Sandisk SDHC 8GB works fine with HBC 1.0.6.

Thanks for the quick response.
Re: 8GB SDHC card support
October 18, 2009 03:17PM
Oh, right. Anyway, dop-IOS MOD should work.
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