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help please bootmii

Posted by wombat831 
help please bootmii
March 27, 2010 01:28AM
i think i didn't install bootmii when i installed HBC is there any way i can do it now my wii is 3.4E when i ran the hackmii again it came up with a whole heap of prompts the one which worried me was

the homebrew channel installer, version 1.0.1

load instalation data ...

checking system ...

i'm running under ios34 12.15
you have wii system menu version 386 (v24 EUR) installed
the homebrew channel has only been tested with
wii system menu version 354 (v22) and below
press accept to continue at your own risk or cancel to abort

now for some reason i have HBC version 1.0.6 ios36 v12.18 when i run HBC and press the home button on the remote
i would realy like to install bootmii as a boot2 if possible as i want to be able to recover from a brick WHEN it happens
can anyone help me
Re: help please bootmii
March 27, 2010 01:45AM

When you launch the hackmii installer, press A to continue, and you should be given the option to install bootmii......
Re: help please bootmii
March 27, 2010 01:51AM
Are you using the latest version of the Hack Mii installer?
Re: help please bootmii
March 27, 2010 02:11AM
i goto the Data Management > Channels > SD Card
A window appears "Load Boot.dol/elf?"; then i select "Yes".
then it comes straight up with the homebrew loader

*edit* i just changed the boot.dol to a boot.elf and it loaded the hackmii installer but i cant load the bootmii as a boot2 damit i wanted it as a boot2 oh well ill just have to do it as an ios thanks people

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