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IOS 58 install, reinstall HBC

Posted by dirtrider73068 
IOS 58 install, reinstall HBC
September 21, 2010 03:22AM
Ok I have a updated HBC, and want to make use of it all. So I have a question about the IOS 58 and reinstall HBC. I am on 4.2U, so all I would have to do is install IOS 58, then I can use bannerbomb v2? to reinstall HBC. Or could I use the current hackmii installer? Whichever would be easier to me, I have used banerbomb so I am more familiar with it. I also have a 8gb micro flash/usb storage device, made by scandisk, it also says cruzer on it. Has anyone heard if this would work in HBC? If not I will be trying it to see, and I am going to assume you set it up the same way as a SD card? One more thing, I have other files saved on this flash drive would it effect haveing the HBC files on there as well, would HBC work, or would HBC need to be the only thing on the flash drive? Or is the 8gb to much to use. I am wanting to download more games from the HBB and am afraid of running out of room on my 2gb SD card.
Re: IOS 58 install, reinstall HBC
September 21, 2010 06:20AM
Bannerbomb is an exploit to allow you to run unsigned code. If serves no purpose if you already have the Homebrew Channel. Just install IOS 58 and then run the Hackmii Installer to reinstall the HBC.
Re: IOS 58 install, reinstall HBC
September 21, 2010 05:16PM
Copy the HackMii Installer (boot.elf) into a SD:\apps\hbc directory. This way you will be able to launch the installer from HBC itself just like with any other app.

After installing IOS58, launch the HackMii installer from HBC to reinstall it.
Re: IOS 58 install, reinstall HBC
September 22, 2010 12:01AM
Sweet then I should be good to go.
Re: IOS 58 installed now some EMU's cant find usb
September 28, 2010 08:49AM
so im far from a newb but this is the only ISO 58 thread i have found so far.
Ever since i installed the ios 58 my hard drive has been doing strange things, it no longer is mounted when i go to HB browser, and when i use the WII 64 and Wiipsx emus i get errors when they try to load from my Hard drive. Prior to the ios 58 istall everything worked fine. And now with the most recent Wiiexplorer app it dosnt even reconize the fat 32 partition ive been using since day one. so my question is " how do i fix this or should i be patient and wait till some of the apps are upgraded to support the usb 2.0 feature that this ios added. or should i just use anytitledeleter and remove the ios completely?

hope some of you pros can help, and to all you programers ......... YOU ROCK i would have never bought a wii if it were not for you guys..
Re: IOS 58 installed now some EMU's cant find usb
September 28, 2010 02:14PM
Don't hijack somebody else's thread there are other IOS 58 threads, if you use the search. Its better if you start your own thread.
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