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Smash Stack not working

Posted by doggitydogs 
Smash Stack not working
December 25, 2010 06:01PM
I'm trying to install the Homebrew Channel on my 2007 USA Wii, and have a 2GB SanDisk Ultra II SD card. I formatted the card as FAT, copied on the 'private' folder from the latest Smash Stack and the 'boot.elf' file from the latest HackMii installer, and inserted it into my Wii along with a brand-new copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I've never played the game before on my Wii, though I do now...). I went into the SSBB 'Vault - Stage Builder' and deleted all three sample stages, then rebooted my Wii. I reentered the Stage Builder, but it still just displayed the regular screen with the 'NEW' button. I reformatted the card again as FAT, copied the files over again, inserted it into my Wii, rebooted my Wii, and tried again, but the same thing happened. I then waited 24 hours (I played some games on the Wii during this time), then tried again, but again no luck. I then tried again with a FAT32-formatted card with the files, and it still didn't work. What do I do now?

If any of the following are relevant:
The card was not in the 'lock' position at any time.
If I try to use the card in the SD Card Manager from the Wii Menu, it says "the device inserted in the SD card slot is not usable."
The card displays the SD logo (not the MMC or SDHC logos).
I am using Windows 7.
The first time I tried this, I did not have a SSBB savefile on my Wii, but I did the second and third times.

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Re: Smash Stack not working
December 25, 2010 11:47PM
That sd card may not work. Do you have another one to try with?
Re: Smash Stack not working
December 26, 2010 05:52AM
Is your Wii & Smash Bros disc NTSC? Because Smash Stack doesn't work on PAL
Re: Smash Stack not working
December 26, 2010 07:49AM
Make sure your using a USA(NTSC) copy of the game. A European(PAL) copy won't work. If you live in Europe, you will have to use Indiana Pwns.
Re: Smash Stack not working
December 26, 2010 03:18PM
Also check what system menu your Wii is running. If it's below 4.3 then save yourself the trouble, and try bannerbomb so long as your SD card is just SD. It cant be SDHC, as the exploits are not compatible with them.

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Re: Smash Stack not working
December 27, 2010 04:35AM
The SanDisk 2GB SD (NOT SDHC) card does work in all the other devices I have tried it in, and I am able to easily format it as FAT or FAT32.

I am attempting this on a Wii from the United States (as is the game, as would naturally follow) running System Menu 4.3.

I have read and followed all the directions on the wiki, but it still doesn't work (I have tried it with FAT and FAT32-formatted cards, as I said).
Re: Smash Stack not working
December 28, 2010 10:07PM
Hmm... the first thing you need to do is to make the card work from the SD Card Manager in the Wii Menu. If you can not see the card even in your Wii Menu there is no chance it will work in SSBB.

I'd strongly suggest you to try with another SD card, and if it fails from the Wii Menu too, I'd believe that it has something to do with your SD slot being broken. If that is the case, well, there is not much you can do unless sending your Wii for repairs.
Re: Smash Stack not working
January 02, 2011 07:17PM
I tried it again with the exact same card, unchanged, from last time, and it worked. Maybe I downloaded the "2011 only" version of Smash Stack.

I won't question it.
Re: Smash Stack not working
January 02, 2011 07:27PM
Glad to see you finally got it working! :)

Have fun with the homebrew channel
Re: Smash Stack not working
January 09, 2011 05:05PM
Can you please help me. I'm having the same exact issues you had. I got a new wii 4.3, a 2 GB san disk SD card, new SSBB and when i try to install hackmii, I get the same error. Any advice.
Re: Smash Stack not working
February 04, 2011 08:40PM
same issue here, please help!
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