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can't get bootmii installed correctly?

Posted by minieuro 
can't get bootmii installed correctly?
December 04, 2012 04:10AM
Hi, I'm new here, I dont know much about his, All I want to do is can play burned dvd backup games on my Wii, so I have followed this tutorial from youtube:


I tried to contact him, but haven't got any response.

I just got a white Wii 2 days ago, version 4.3U. I used sandisk for Wii, 2gb SD card. I got HBC installed, but when I checked the bootMii, it's not install correctly, it said something like:

"BootMii: Can only be installed as an ISO
boot2 injected with the bootMii loader did not pass the consistency checks (-1080000000)

link to the photo I took:


I'm not sure the bootmii did installed correctly or not correctly on my Wii now, I think without the bootmii, I can't install any other applications on my Wii, is this right?
Re: can't get bootmii installed correctly?
December 04, 2012 11:43AM
You can run other applications just fine without BootMii, apps are run from HBC, not BootMii. However when you signed up to this forum, and when you made this post, you agreed NOT to talk about backups, which you did. Please refrain from doing so again.

Also, I strongly advise against following YouTube tutorials. They are almost always out of date, dangerous and completely illegal.
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