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Posted by thebeaver 
December 20, 2012 08:17PM
Ok , i have a wii i hacked years ago with homebrew and its ran for a long time great with an external USB .

Ive since hacked a few wiis with letterbomb and everything went fine but its been a while back .

Now i have this 4.3 wii here now its new just came out of the box . ( No game cube ports on top) through letterbomb and a sd card i just installed homebrew channel and hackmii . Home brew channel is on the menu . when i click the homebrew i click start and then the menu it goes to the bubble scene and its blank what should i install next? is it supposed to be blank?

Thanks for any info ...
Re: homebrew
December 20, 2012 08:22PM
If you've done this before, surely you know that Homebrew Channel is simply a loader for homebrew apps. To do anything useful with it, you need to put some apps on your SD and load them. What apps you use is up to you. Many people like to start with the Homebrew Browser, as from there you can download a whole host of other homebrew apps and games. Another widely used app is WiiMC, a media centre for the Wii, which can be downloaded from Homebrew Browser.
Re: homebrew
December 20, 2012 09:11PM
Actually no .

Before , i downloaded the individual .dol files for neogamma and usblauncher and just slapped them on the sdcard for my old wii after homebrew install if im not mistaken .

i just now downloaded homebrew browser , thanks .


Now ive installed homebrew browser through homebrew i can get on the browser and look at stuff . ive installed some emulators and it says they are installed right . but when i go out of homebrew browser and click the button for the emulator it will load and then freeze .

yeah now ive installed Neogamma and it appears to be installed correct but when anything is selected through the homebrew bubble page it will start to load then stop . like freeze .

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Re: homebrew
December 20, 2012 09:41PM
Maybe you should try reading the rules of these forums.

(And FYI, you never "just downloaded .DOL files and put them on your SD card"; you have always needed to put them in the right place on the SD card)
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