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Help With HBC Installation

Posted by JonR 
Help With HBC Installation
July 25, 2013 09:19PM

I recently have been trying to install the HBC on a relative of mine's Wii but have never seen the LetterBomb message in the Wii Message Board. I have scrolled back up to a year looking for the message but with no luck. Also I double checked to make sure the MAC address and Wii System Version I entered in please.hackmii.com was correct and redownloading the files then but still no message. Continously I made sure I correctly installed boot.elf and the folder Private into the root of my 16GB Sandisk SD Card. Finally I even have tried cutting the blue wire instead of the red one and downloading and extracting everything that way but no luck again.

I have successfully downloaded Homebrew Browser and HBC on my own Wii doing everything I did to my relative's Wii that is the same Wii as mine. I would really appreciate leaving a reply to guide me to what might be causing no message to appear when I scroll to the left in the Wii Message Board.

Re: Help With HBC Installation
July 26, 2013 03:11AM
Set the wii's date correctly.
Re: Help With HBC Installation
January 19, 2014 04:41AM
I am having this same problem, I have softmodded and successfully installed the homebrew channel on my Wii, now trying to do it for a friend, and I have done everything the same way way I did when I modded my Wii. But I can't get the letterbomb to show up in messages on his Wii. I am using a 2 GB micro SD card that the Wii does recognize, the Wii is running 4.3U. I have made sure multiple times that the Mac address I entered is correct, I chose the correct version of the Wii firmware, and that the date and time are correctly set on my Wii. Still no letterbomb in messages on any day for a entire year before the current date.
Re: Help With HBC Installation
January 23, 2014 12:10AM
I have the same issue with a 4.3U the neighbor's wii. I believe it's mainly a problem for consoles which has already had been modded but for some reason they have to do it again. This console gets the 32017 error while trying to update. And worst of all the wii console is not able to play original wii discs. But its able to play downloaded purchased games from wii shop channel. So you can figure out what update can cause and reflect on lawfulness of the update if it leads that far.
Re: Help With HBC Installation
January 26, 2014 02:01AM
The 32017 error is caused by installing other crap designed to block updates.
Re: Help With HBC Installation
January 29, 2014 12:31AM
Thank you!
Yes I agree; but why system menu version changed to 4.3U? It was 4.0 before the update. And I even tried LetterBomb / Wilbrand Launcher for previous versions / regions with no luck.
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