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Getting BootMii working again

Posted by pcaston2 
Getting BootMii working again
December 22, 2013 03:08AM
So I've had a wii for awhile, the CD drive gave out so I hacked it over a year ago. I hardly remember any of it, but here we go:

It was 4.3, I letterbombed it and got BootMii working, I had to do some kind of i or e 95 96 97 or something to let it play the ISOs

Since then someone took my SD card out and lost it, so I still have the HBC. I'm not sure if I should follow the instructions again (as getting HBC is the hard part from what I remember) but I'm not sure just loading the files onto the SD card works.

I tried putting the boot.elf and going to launch BootMii from the HBC channel but I just get a flashing disk drive and a black screen.

What should I do to get the ball rolling again?

Re: Getting BootMii working again
December 24, 2013 12:59PM
Run the Hackmii installer, re-install bootmii as boot2 and it will prepare the files on the SD card for you.
Re: Getting BootMii working again
August 13, 2014 12:39AM
I have had my Wii hacked for a while, but hadn't used it in some time, and when I went to try it, if I tried to power it on with the SD card in the slot, my Wii did the same thing as pcaston2 mentioned with the flashing drive light. (My Wii is older, I bought it at launch, and have had BootMii installed as boot2.) BootMii used to work, but now doesn't. I can boot to the regular warning and Wii Menu if the SD card is out, but if I tried to launch BootMii from the HBC, I got a black screen again and the flashing drive light. I downloaded HackMii installer 1.2, ran the installer to reinstall BootMii as a boot2, and it said it had success. When I went to exit the HackMii installer, it seemed to act like it was exiting, went to a black screen and froze. I powered the system down by holding in the power button, then powered it back on. Now, if I try to power it on with the SD card in it, the Wii shuts itself back off. I can still get it on to the regular menu if I don't have the SD card in. Any suggestions?


I went in again and used the installer, I updated my HBC by uninstalling and reinstalling HBC, then did the same for BootMii, Uninstalling it as a boot2 and as an IOS, then reinstalling it as boot2 AND IOS. It seems some of them might have been outdated, or mismatched at least. This seems to have fixed everything. BootMii comes up on powerup now, (which is with the SD card in obviously), and will work from the HBC as well since I have the latest version as IOS also. Hopefully this may help others having similar issues!

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