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updating not allowed from 1.0

Posted by jerwhat 
updating not allowed from 1.0
November 29, 2014 01:56AM
Hi, I have been in the mountains of Haiti for the past 4 years, Im back in the US and now I just bought a wii,
the seller had a bunch of stuff on so I formatted it and deleted everything thinking it would be like new, problem,,, it will play old games but will not update in order to play any new games, its on version 1.0 , please help, i just wanted to have a simple game system for me and my son to play. the system did have hbc on it but the reformat didnt remove it,

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Re: updating not allowed from 1.0
December 01, 2014 07:42PM
Can you not update through a disk? Any new game should ask you to install an update that is stored on the game disk.
Re: updating not allowed from 1.0
December 02, 2014 02:20PM
If it already had HBC on it there is no way it has system menu 1.0. Most likely it has had some crap installed on it to prevent updating.
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