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Save problems on FCE Ultra GX D:

Posted by Jirachi 
Save problems on FCE Ultra GX D:
March 12, 2015 10:06PM
So I got homebrew and SNES9xGX and VBA Gx work fine but Fce Ultra GX wont save. When i try to save state it just says "Error Loading Directory!" so I looked at the settings and everything seems okay. It says its saving to a folder called saves and a folder with that exact name exists. It cant be because my SD card is locked because im using a Usb nto an SD card. I tried changing the folder name that ti saves to so 'save' and changed the settings to that and it didnt work. I redownloaded fce ultra gx, and that didnt work. I reset the settings, that didnt work. Any ideas? It wont even save normally. Like, I play Mario 3 or Zelda 1 and save the game normally, then when I exit the emulator and open it again the save file is gone. Im using the Wii version, if that helps any. Help please D:
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