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Having trouble installing browser error codes then dump

Posted by tetsuo52 
Having trouble installing browser error codes then dump
May 11, 2015 04:50AM
First off Im completely new to this. Of course, thats what the forums for right? Anyway, I had no problem installing the homebrew on the wii with the letter bomb but now I am trying to install the browser and when I first tried it gave me error code-6 and then when I tried it again it is giving me this
Exception (DSI) occurred!
GPR00 00000000 GPR08 91C3FDC8 GPR16 91C1D580 GPR24 00000020
GPR01 80F74740 GPR09 00000000 GPR17 00000006 GPR25 0000001E
GPR02 801FFDB4 GPR10 00000000 GPR18 FFFFFFFF GPR26 811CE2C0
GPR03 00000000 GPR11 91C3FDC8 GPR19 00000010 GPR27 8134F634
GPR04 00002820 GPR12 88204048 GPR20 00014000 GPR28 80210000
GPR05 91C3FDC8 GPR13 80202BC0 GPR21 8134F5C0 GPR29 91C3FDC8
GPR06 00000020 GPR14 91B4C240 GPR22 00000044 GPR30 00000000
GPR07 00000020 GPR15 91C33DA0 GPR23 000000FD GPR31 91C3FDC8
LR 800755A8 SRR0 800755c8 SRR1 0000B032 MSR 00001000
DAR 00000000 DSISR 06000000

800755c8 --> 800755a8 --> 8009bc4c --> 8009bbfc

800755c8: 98090000 880B0000 98090001
800755d8: 396B0004 4200FFE8 394A0008
800755e8: 7F8A3000 419E0018 7D495378
Re: Having trouble installing browser error codes then dump
May 24, 2015 01:38AM
Browser doesn't work anymore (in my experience). Pretty sure CodeMii repos are dead. Just install manually from WiiBrew.org. Quick search for the apps you want to find shhould work. Just install them the same way you did with the Homebrew Browser.
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