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Posted by Ajay 
January 11, 2009 06:22PM
Hi all,

Just went to install homebrew on wii ver 3.4E with twilight hack and well got a bit scared. Got so far down the line and pooped out. It came up with a message something like this. I'm running under io334 12.15 My wii menu system 386 (v24 eur) Homebrew tested under wii system menu 354 (v22) and below? At this point I hit the cancel button. Let me explain. It's my wife's wii I got for her birthday last month. She loves th wii more than mii, and if I make an ass of the wii and she cant use it, well do I have to say anymore?
Any help could save my marriage.
Cheers all.
Re: Nooobie
January 11, 2009 07:29PM
I'm a bit lost.. but ... lets just make sure i have everything right... so... u have a 3.4 firmware wii... and you want to put the twilight hack on it, but your scared that it might brick or break your wii. Lets just go through a checklist and make sure you've got these things, if you do this correctly, nothing SHOULD go wrong, but i'm not God.. ok..

CAREFULLY follow these directions.. and you should be fine... if anything comes up... put it on these forums... and remember you dont NEED to have homebrew to have fun... i'd hate for this to crash your marriage..

Goto --> wiibrew.org

And where it says

Twilight Hack (Download for System Menu 3.3 and Below | Download for System Menu 3.4)

make sure you DOWNLOAD FOR YOUR FIRMWARE... if you Have 3.4e.. then you get the one for system menu 3.4... its pretty straight forward...

in the VERY UNLIKELY event that something happens to your wii... there are ways to fix em... some are easier than others... so be careful.. and as i usually say


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Re: Nooobie
January 11, 2009 07:44PM
Thanks for the reply. I have used the twilight hack to run some homebrew stuff and worked ok. What I want to do now is install the homebrew Chanel so as I can run homebrew apps without having to use the twilight hack each and ever time. Am I going in the right direction or am I just being a TWAT?
Thanks again
Re: Nooobie
January 11, 2009 08:14PM
Youre going in the right direction.
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