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HBC in System Menu 3.4?

Posted by Sinani201 
HBC in System Menu 3.4?
January 13, 2009 03:36AM
I'm pretty sure there have been a lot of topics about this, but I'm confused as to whether I can install the Homebrew Channel on my Wii with the latest system update. Homebrew is working fine, but I want the Homebrew Channel. The article says that the HBC isn't affected, but then it says I shouldn't update. What's going on?

Also, I stumbled across Starfall. Can that downgrade my Wii to V3.1? Is that what Starfall is supposed to do? I really, really don't want to brick my Wii.

Also, I don't have a modchip. Don't bother suggesting it, because I'll never get one.

EDIT: Never mind, I got it, and it works fine. Someone delete this or lock it or whatever.

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Re: HBC in System Menu 3.4?
January 13, 2009 07:10AM
Starfall is only for 3.2, and downgrading is currently not possible in a way we talk about here.
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