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I have a few qeustions so bear with me...(I posted them in the wrong boards and for that I am srry)

Posted by chrono36 
Im really interested in learning how to make code for the wii..

Ive got devkitppc downloaded and im runnin through the tut


It seems very straight forward and simple..

But im not doing it right and could use some guidance..

My msn name is Brian

And you can find me on msn with my email

Or if you prefer I can find you on your preffered pm....

Let me know..

I have Homebrew installed and FceUltra running...(nes emu)
How do I use game genie codes?
Or can I.. I dont see a cheat option anywhere..
(I thought maybe after I started up the game I pressed the home
button and it would be in there, But its not..)

I also hear that you can block all incoming updates with Gecko OS
Which option do I change to do that??
be choosing Reboot with hooks (press 'B')
I try that and it says:Rebooting with hooks.

Error loading menu
hmmm.. that's weird. have you tried the newest version of Gecko?
I was only aware of vers 1.07b Is there a 1.08 vers?? Am I missing something??
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