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Homebrew apps freezing on load (black screen)

Posted by niksy 
Homebrew apps freezing on load (black screen)
January 15, 2009 03:31PM
I have a huge annoying problem with homebrew on my Wii.

Every time I try to load up an app in HBC, screen turns black and remains that way. Not all, games for example do work. DragonMediaPlayer does,too. But none of the MPlayer versions work (Team Twiizers, r0n's, custom versions)...

Tried in:
HBC beta8
HBC beta9
HBC v1.0.1

all the same results...

What info do you need to help me out? Or is something like this noticed before?
I'm pretty much lost but really want to use all the homebrew... :S

Sorry for my n00bness... and thanks in forward.
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