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.dol or.elf

Posted by skagg 
.dol or.elf
January 16, 2009 07:20PM
Hiya All, i,m not new to mods on most consoles but before i maybe brick my daughters wii the only thing that i need to query is,in the HB channel folder i have wiiload folder,a readme and a .dol file.
Now do i need to put all on the SD or just the .dol file,but most importantly does it need to stay as .dol or renamed to .elf.
A friend says rename to elf and the readme says elf don,t work thats why its .dol.
My system is 33e
Any help would be really appreciated.

An answer would still be nice for people maybe looking for the same thing,but i an def assuming its just the boot.dol on SD

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Re: .dol or.elf
January 16, 2009 09:02PM
Yes, elf file extensions are no longer compatible on the HBC. For your SD card, put the HBC (boot.dol) in the root of your card and then run the twilight hack to install the HBC. Yes, its really that simple.

Then make an apps folder in the root of your SD card. Place all of your homebrew applications you download in that folder.
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