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The homebrew channel has nothing for me.

Posted by Brawler100 
The homebrew channel has nothing for me.
January 16, 2009 10:47PM
I start up the Homebrew, get the catchy music, then click start. Then there is nothing on there. All that's on the screen are bubbles, and two icons on the lower right part of the screen, I see people start it up and they automatically get the apps, but mine has nothing. Can somebody help me?
Re: The homebrew channel has nothing for me.
January 16, 2009 11:01PM
Its really sad that you're asking this question. Surely, if you managed to install the Homebrew Channel on your own then you should understand the problem. I mean, of all the stupidest most basic questions to ask...ahem...Let me get ahold of myself...AHEM...Thats better. Now where was I? Oh yes:

You need apps in your SD card to use them in the homebrew channel. To do this creat a folder named apps in the root of your SD card. Inside the apps folder, place your homebrew applications you download.

All Homebrew Applications Supported By Wiibrew
My Applications

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