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Need help with Homebrew Apps (GBA emulator, geexbox)

Posted by hckyfrk2k7 
Need help with Homebrew Apps (GBA emulator, geexbox)
January 17, 2009 08:26AM
Sorry if I'm double posting, (and I know this is going to sound really noobish) but why can't I turn my Wii off whilst using my GBA emulator. I downloaded VBA GX 1.0.1 and every time I try using the power button on either my Wii Remote or my Wii itself, it doesn't turn off. I have to unplug the power cord from the Wii.

The other thing, about geexbox, is I downloaded it, and about 3/4 through the loading it freezes. I took out my GC memory cards and all my other apps work fine, and my Wii has not been updated (I got it about a year ago and never updated it), so I was wondering if I have a defective version of the program or if its my Wii? Thanks a lot in advance for the help and sorry for such noob questions.
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