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Wii Internet Connection using LAN Adapter with wired connection - BIG problems - please help me!!!!

Posted by xxsammyxx 
I have a wii console and i have just bought a wii lan adapter as we have wired internet connection (no wireless) I have connected the USB to the wii console and the ethernet connection to the Tel 1 port in the back of the router. We tried to get a connection but it brought up an error saying "Error Code: 51420 - Unable to connect to the internet. Please see the wii operations manual or visit support.nintendo.com for assistance" Well, we went to the support page for Nintendo and it wasnt very helpful or supportive!!! I have ran a command in command prompt to find out my IP address, subnet mask and default gateway and I have entered these in to the relevant boxes in the internet settings but i still keep getting this error message and i cannot get any connection. I just dont know what else to do or try and i really need help please. Thanks in advance, Sammy.
Try this guide [www.home-network-help.com]
I've not tested the guide, but it looks promising. I will test very soon and let you know how it turns out.
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