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Fixed itself, nvm

Posted by Lavender 
Fixed itself, nvm
January 25, 2009 11:52PM
EDIT: Somehow.. it fixed itself.. o.O but I'm all installed

So, I'm new at this, but I read several guides one how to get this all installed and I followed all the directions very closely. However, once I get past all the 'Agree or Disagree' messages the installation just freezes at 'Checking System'. I've looked over movies and such that people have taken of installation, and this step should fly past in seconds, I've let it sit for over half an hour and got nothing.

Any idea what might be going wrong?

Important Info:

Wii System Version: 3.3
TH beta 1
2 GB SD card
Homebrew Channel 1.0.1 right off the website

Any help would be very much appreciated, Thanks.

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