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help have problems loading homebrew to wii

Posted by funkysy 
help have problems loading homebrew to wii
January 31, 2009 03:53PM
hi i hope that someone can help me, i have jpn chiped console and US copied of zelda. i can't find out what version my console is as it will not let me into the settings, i've downloaded twilight hack done all i needed to the SD card and copied the USA TH to the wii menu as it will not let me copied the EUR or JPN, started the game and ran backwards and it started loaded then it stop and this comes up....

start cluster =0017
found boot.elf !
done filesize is 0
no elf image at address
DOL detected
clearing bss ( at 00000000, 0 bytes)
jumping to 00000000
exception 0400 occured

then loads of numbers,
i hope someone can help me and explain what i've done or am i missing something
many thanks
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