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Ongoing Problem with Wiimote and Glovepie ( Please help)

Posted by Donny 
Ongoing Problem with Wiimote and Glovepie ( Please help)
February 04, 2009 04:19AM
Hi.. I have been having this problem. I am unable to use a few scripts with Glovepie and have no way of contacting the maker of the program as been advised on another forum.

I will copy and paste my problem from another board as well as responses which follow my replies.



I have successfully connected my wiimote to my PC. There are a few things I'd like to do with the wii mote, one is to use it as a mouse, and two, is to use it as a drum controller in my audio program.

however, the glovepie scripts needed to get my setup going seem to not "work", when ran, they cause erratic mouse pointer behavior and i'm forced to ALT F4 the program. Usually the mouse cursor drifts to the far top left hand top of the screen 80 percent of the time.I can run WiimoteIdentifier with no problem, as well as a few other *not-so-essential* scripts. when Identifier is ran, it tells me I have my wiimote connected. Can anyone help me?

I am using Windows XP+Bluesoleil


You may have some sunlight or other IR light source causing the irractic mouse movements.

Me::I don't think that's the case.

I don't have any other sources of I light in the room and the only light my room gets is lamp light.

The erratic movements and mouse always going to the far left hand top of the screen seems to be a work of the scripts themselves, maybe. I dont know. I can select a few scripts with bluetooth disconnected just for testing, and the erratic behavior still persists. Important scripts I NEED to get working that cause the behavor for me are....

Wiimouse 0.1.PIE

I have no idea what the heck is going on.

Please help, thanks.

Try downloading smoothboard or one of the stable Wiimote applications and see if you can get it to work. Just use your LCD screen as your display surfcae and calibrate. If you can control the cursor as normal then its a glovepie problem. If not its a system, wiimote or setup problem.

Let us know how you go.

Me:...Hiiii!!!!!!! Thanks for responding!

Do i need an IR pen?

I tried wiimote whiteboard and smoothboard, they both detect my wiimote and am able to perform very limited functions, such as using the D-pad, buttons "Z" & "A".

I ask about IR pen because of the calibration part.

Also, should i be able to move the mouse pointer just by tilting the wiimote>? If so, I can't.

Please let me know!


Use a cigarette lighter for the calibration (just flash on/off).

Select 'presenter' option' & in settings select 'cursor control'. Tell me what happens to the cursor when you do this.

Me:ok. I tried using Smoothboard, I tried whiteboard, that worked.

Battry-79 percent

tracking utilitization-13

cursor control-checked- nothing happens when i tilt or move the wiimote. Also tried holding the wiimote in range screen and lighter and the pointer was jumping all over the place, randomly clicking on stuff, dragging items, etc..

i tested the same in smoothboard and the tracking utitlization responded well. But very erratic when smoothboard not focused on, as well as whiteboard.

If the cursor only moved when you held the lighter in the Wiimote view, then there is nothing wrong with your Wiimote or connection.

The problem is then with Glovepie or your script.

You may want to go to Carl Kenners webpage for more info:[carl.kenner.googlepages.com]

p.s Make sure you are using version 0.29 as most stable.


I have tried versions 0.22- 0.29. the problem still persists with those scripts, the mouse pointer always drifts to the far top left hand of the screen.

:( what to do?:

Goto [carl.kenner.googlepages.com] and see where they recomend you go for more support.

Just out of interest have you mapped the accelerometer to cursor control, without counter calculating for gravity? The cursor may be moving as a result of gravity.

Me:what do you mean by counter calculating gravity? I only ticked cursor control box and it just makes the pointer float to top screeen faster than me testing with no wiimote.

What do I look for in the link you provided?

I am not familiar with Glovepie. The link is to the creators webpage. You may need to scan through it to find more detailed support.

Given when the wiimote is just sitting on a desk it is accelerating vertically (gravity @ 9.81ms) and horizontally (earths rotation). I assume you can insert values to counter act this.

Good luck.

MeAre there any alternatives to glovepie?

I can't seem to find any contact info
This sucks.. I really don't want to have to return my wiimote

Different Responder:Hi Donny,
I have had a permanent setup in my classroom for all of last term working beautifully. Set it up again after the holidays (last Week) and have had exactly the same problem. Cursur randomly jumps all over the screen selecting things at random and then positioning itself in the top left corner. When I run Boonjin's calibration software, it automatically clicks the crosshairs and my pen won't work. I tried eliminating sunlight - not the issue - became very frustrated. I then put in a fresh set of fully charged batteries even though it said 70%. Don't know why, but it worked!!!! Thank goodness!!
I used to use a rechargeable battery pack plugged in to a phone charger with the usb connection and plugged this into the wall as a permanent power source option but I think the battery pack is now past its use by date. Anyway, you probably already have tried it, but try new batteries.
Good luck

Me:the thing is it doesn't matter if my wiimote is plugged in In or not, if I select those scripts the cursor just drifts to the top left hand slowly on it's own, and even faster with the wiimote connected.

I'm thinking it's glovepie or the scripts that's giving me problems. The only time the mouse is very erratic is if I hold a lighter in front of it.


So the last post is the most recent. can anyone give me a hand?

'Preciate it

Windows XP SP3
Intel DG101GGC
BlueSoleil bluetooth software
IOGear Bluetooth to USB adapter
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