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Known issues

Posted by bushing 
Known issues
May 13, 2009 01:30PM
Known issues will be described here as we discover them.

* SD card compatibility: Some SD cards are incompatible with our current code. We are currently investigating . You will know this to be the case if the installer successfully writes the bootmii/ files to SD, but when you try to boot with the SD card in your Wii, you get a brief drive flash and then go directly to the system menu. If this happens, the USBGecko output may be helpful, and you should try a different SD card.

FAQs: (will be updated periodically)
Q: Why won't my wiimote sync in the BootMii menu?

A: Due to architectural limitations, we can't access the WiiMote. Use a GC controller or the Power/Reset buttons. See also [bugs.hackmii.com]

Q: Why do I have all of these bad blocks in my NAND?

A: The NAND Flash chips used in the Wii come with up to 80 bad blocks from the factory. This is normal.

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