Question about SD incompatibility
June 01, 2009 12:24AM
My installer says that it is possible to install BootMii/boot 2 however I have a question about this (from the bootmii faqs):

I installed BootMii/boot2, but it doesn't come up when I boot my Wii.

Try booting with no SD card inserted. If you see a brief set of flashes from the blue slot LED right after you hit the power button, try a different SD card. Make sure you have a directory named "bootmii" with the "armboot.bin" and "ppcboot.elf" files inside.

If you do not see those flashes, BootMii/boot2 is not installed.

If it turns out that my SD card isn't compatible with bootmii does that mean that after installation my Wii won't be able to start or will it just act like bootmii isn't there and just start normally?
Re: Question about SD incompatibility
June 01, 2009 02:37AM
the wii will boot into the normal system menu if you sd card is incompatible...only thing that might suck is a short boot delay, but shouldn't be a problem,since you can uninstall it and reinstall when you have a new sd card ^^
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