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Restore Wii to factory settings?

Posted by jwalk 
Restore Wii to factory settings?
June 12, 2009 12:34AM
I just read that it would be possible, though quite complicated, to restore a Wii NAND backup from [Wii A] to [Wii B].

Now, I have a question about this. If this is possible, does that mean - theoretically - that you could make a NAND backup from a Wii which is fresh out of the shipping-box (except you've installed Bootmii and only Bootmii on it), and then modify this NAND backup for any Wii of your choice?

Basically, what I'm aiming at is: would it be possible to create a "back to factory settings NAND backup" for a Wii that has been screwed around with a lot WAY before Bootmii came to be? I don't really know why anyone would want to do this, but just the thought of the possibility to restore a Wii back to the way it comes when shipped (before installing any cIOS, unofficial channels, non-licensed titles, homebrew or anything else) is quite cool.

So, maybe that could be a service as well; sending people a fresh NAND backup which will make their Wii be just as if though they bought it today.
Re: Restore Wii to factory settings?
December 06, 2009 06:13PM
that is a good idea.. :)

has someone made a NAND like that anywhere.. ?

Re: Restore Wii to factory settings?
December 07, 2009 12:58PM
afaik there would be some legal issues by offering a nand backup online.

but everything else is indeed true...theoretically you could create a nand backup for wii A to be compatible with a "fresh" backup from wii B.

you just have to be careful with the versions of boot1 and boot2...the version of boot1 and boot2 of wii B have to be equal or greater than the ones installed on wii A (correct me if I'm wrong)...otherwise the nand backup won't work on wii A.
Re: Restore Wii to factory settings?
December 08, 2009 08:59PM
i think they have to have the same boot1 and boot2 versions. dont think they can be different in either direction.
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