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Bootmii beta 2 problem

Posted by skcheung 
Bootmii beta 2 problem
September 30, 2009 09:44AM
I have a problem after installed the bootmii as boot2. Firstly I'm sure whether it is successfully be installed or not. I can run it via the HBC exit menu and also I can create the rand file as well. But it always boot into the system menu instead of boot into the bootmii menu when I switched on the wii. I have checked my sd card which is listed work in the wiibrew compatibility list (sandisk 2g mirco sd plus adapter with FAT format). And also my card with bootmii folder with all 3 files. Secondly, when I check the version in the bootmii menu, it show BootMii v0.8, Stub v , MINI v0.8, there is no version indication under the 'stub'. So I don't know what should I do now. Please advise. Thank you.
Re: Bootmii beta 2 problem
September 30, 2009 10:46PM
The reason its coming up in the HBC is because you didn't install it as boot2, you installed it as an IOS. To get it to appear when you turn on your wii, you need to install it as boot2.

As for the "rand" backup, I believe you mean "NAND" backup. ;)
Re: Bootmii beta 2 problem
October 01, 2009 02:54AM
run the hackmii installer and install bootmii as boot2
Re: Bootmii beta 2 problem
October 30, 2009 08:04PM
I have the same problem but it will only let me install it as an ios.
Re: Bootmii beta 2 problem
October 31, 2009 04:42PM
Then you're out of luck. You cannot (and will not ever be able to unless Team Twiizers find a new exploit in boot1) install BootMii as boot2.
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