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Code Dump after Bootmii boot2 install

Posted by kobalobasileus 
Code Dump after Bootmii boot2 install
October 17, 2009 08:03PM
Yesterday I was helping a friend hack his 4.0 Wii further (he had an old HBC and DVDx but no Bootmii or cIOS.

I installed the newest Twiizers goodies from Hackmii Installer v0.6. HBC went fine, DVDx went fine, and Bootmii went fine... except that it code dumped. I wasn't really paying attention, as I've done this many times and never had any problems, so I'm not sure when it dumped. I reset the Wii with my fingers crossed and Bootmii appears to be installed correctly (it boots the Sys Menu, HBC, and can do NAND backup).

I just thought Team Twiizers would like to know about this error. Sorry I can't provide more useful data.

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Re: Code Dump after Bootmii boot2 install
October 21, 2009 06:29PM

I just want to submit a similar problem to this...

My Hackmii Installer just hang after it said "verifying nand block 3 to 4" or something like that.

After 20 minutes I restarted the Wii with the button and hoped for the best, and yes, it worked but still annoying...

Just wanted to let you know about this
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