BootMii does not boot when I turn on the Wii...
March 02, 2010 07:28AM
I have this little problem and with 2 SD cards I have (one of them has the Nintendo seal, 512 MB, the other is an SDHC 4GB PNY which I know is not compatible)
I have installed BootMii as IOS and boot2, my Wii is 4.1U and so far the SD card with the Nintendo seal works great with all other homebrew software, even when the HackMii installer prepares the SD card it says it was SUCCESSFUL and then I go on into installing BootMii as IOS or boot2.

Now with BootMii installed, I reset my Wii to find out that the System Menu boots normally, like if there is no SD card inserted.
I go on to the Homebrew Channel and from there I go to "Launch BootMIi" and it DOES launch it from there.
Weird thing is I have tried uninstalling it, re-installing it and no success on making it boot before the System Menu not the Warning screen.

Any ideas or suggestions about how to fix this?
I want to start working on things that might brick my Wii and don't want to do it without BootMii working and running properly.
Re: BootMii does not boot when I turn on the Wii...
March 02, 2010 10:17PM
It must be the BootMii.ini file. Change the configuration settings
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