ios problem cant install bootmii
May 11, 2010 07:13PM
im getting a error saying

this installer can not contine

there is no vulnerable ios installed on this wii
please note that we will not use a fakesigned ios due to security reasons

look for an updated version at

if this is already the latest version... well suck it
Re: ios problem cant install bootmii
May 12, 2010 01:52PM
You installed cIOScrap didn't you? (i.e. cIOScorp or darkcorp, here we call it cIOScrap, because, well, its crap). Anyway, the way to fix it is this: Delete IOS30 from your wii with AnyTitle Deleter, then use dop-Mii to install the oldest version possible of IOS30. BTW, I am assuming you are on System Menu 4.0 or higher. If not, DO NOT DELETE IOS30.
Re: ios problem cant install bootmii
May 12, 2010 10:21PM
To elaborate on what SifJar said, cIOSCorp/DarkCorp works on the principal that to load a backup, you need a cIOS, so if every IOS is a cIOS, you can load backups through the system menu. Good in theory, and it could even be good in practice, however, there are some key flaws with it.

First off: not every IOS needs the Trucha bug, whether it's a cIOS or not shouldn't matter, for Wankynono's cIOS I can understand it, but not for the devs of cIOSCrap putting it in every single one, it's just unnecessary, and causes issues like the one you're having

Secondly: the DIP module they use is unstable, which can cause problems... lots of them. They use a version of Wankynono's DIP module... an older version.

Third (and final that I can think of): And this here is the big one. It maxes out all the version numbers. They do this for an understandable reason, it prevents Nintendo from updating them, and thusly makes it less likely to brick your Wii when an update does come out, unfortunately, the System Menu still updates, and that can brick your Wii.

My solution to fixing cIOSCrap and make it...somewhat decent: Only put the Trucha Bug in IOS249 or IOS36, your choice, update the DIP module for christsakes, Keep the version numbers, Patch the system menu to have a stupid high version number, and block updates, disk and network, this will prevent your system from ever thinking you need an update, while keeping your IOSes somewhat stable.
Re: ios problem cant install bootmii
May 23, 2010 07:54PM
To add more to cactusjack901's post: They also could install less modified IOS, as HackMii Installer won't work at all without a few unmodified IOS. They don't need as many as are installed. Also, they install the same IOS a bunch of times in different slots: they could just mark all the IOS contents as shared and only have to install a TMD and ticket for each repeated IOS. Anyway, this is all a bit warezy for my liking. cIOScorp/darkcorp are not supported here, and never will be. My advice to the OP is try to get rid of it if possible.
Re: ios problem cant install bootmii
May 24, 2010 08:44AM
My advice to the OP is try to get rid of it if possible.

Not as easy as it sounds. Just for the sake of learning about this situation, so I can help people better, I installed it the other day, and forgot to make a NAND backup. So I figured "no biggie, I'll just use their uninstaller" well, I know for sure my system menu IOS is still modified, I'm about to run Dop-Mii right now to check the rest of them

Pre-post edit: Upon using Dop-Mii's syscheck function (thanks Arikado), the uninstaller doesn't restore an original version of the following versions of IOS: 11, 20, 30, 40, 70.
Now, before I go any further, I wish to address what SifJar said about this being too Warez-y for his tastes. As I see it, this thread isn't so much about the app's use, help for the app, or even the app itself for the most part at this point, but understanding how the app works, and taking note of it's problems so we can help people in the future recover from problems stemming from it. I firmly believe this to be a small loophole in the rule, as the information given can't really help pirates, except to recover from a brick; and I think we can all agree, we don't want anybody, pirate or not, to have a bricked Wii.
That being said, I can understand why the program leaves these versions of IOS modified after uninstall, as they are all Sysmenu IOSes, and modifying them can be dangerous to begin with. Having said that, I feel that this is an error on the coder's side. While it is dangerous to modify them to begin with, they do (probably only because they have to) modify them when Darkcrap is installed. It would only be right to actually uninstall the software, wouldn't it?

Well, back to Dop-Mii
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