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Bootmii Menu

Posted by nikojpapa 
Bootmii Menu
November 25, 2010 08:17AM
First of all, let me say hello and thanks for all the work! I'm new here and just installed HBC/Bootmii on my wii.

The problem, however, is that when I load bootmii it doesn't go to the bootmii menu, but instead it loads the first application in HBC. Does anyone know how to fix this? I installed it as boot2 and the same thing happens when I try to run it by rebooting my wii and when I run it from HBC.
Re: Bootmii Menu
November 25, 2010 06:53PM
Ok well I just read some other topics and I saw that someone fixed one of teir problems by reinstalling Bootmii, so I tried that and sure enough it worked! If anyone else happens to have the same problem I had, it should work for you too.
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