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Questions about Boot2

Posted by technoman 
Questions about Boot2
June 01, 2011 12:36AM
I recently backed my wii up on the 2GB SD Card that I have and was wondering how to restore my items in the event of a brick? I think I have a boot2 with a sys. menu 4.3 as it only loads when i access it from the homebrew channel. I also have the bootmini.elf and the boot.elf. Do I need something like priiloader to access it before the health warning screen?

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Re: Questions about Boot2
June 01, 2011 01:13AM
If BootMii doesn't load when you start up (unless you have it set to autoboot) then that means you have BootMii as IOS, not boot2. BootMii as IOS doesn't provide the same brick protection as BootMii/boot2. The files bootmini.elf and boot.elf are the HackMii Installer, you don't need them. You can use Priiloader to access BootMii/IOS but you may just as well use Priiloader as the brick protection if you can't install BootMii as boot2.
Re: Questions about Boot2
June 01, 2011 04:52AM
How do I use priiloader for that? Also can I use the NAND dump that I made with bootmii?
Re: Questions about Boot2
June 01, 2011 05:06AM
Install Priiloader. It has an option to load BootMii/IOS. You can use it but it's not as useful because you can also use Priiloader to boot the HBC and fix a brick with whatever homebrew app. It is more dangerous to restore a NAND dump with BootMii IOS
Re: Questions about Boot2
June 01, 2011 03:44PM
You just confused me horribly. All I want to know is can priiloader use the backup I made with Bootmii or do I have to make another and does priiloader function as Bootmii/boot2? Alsp how do I install priiloader? Does it use a game exploit?
Re: Questions about Boot2
June 01, 2011 04:23PM
You install priiloader by running the priiloader installer via HBC, like you would run any other application. However, I do not advise installing it unless you have WiFi set up on your Wii. A bug in HBC causes the installer to crash (bricking your Wii) if you don't have a WiFi connection set up (and working). If you have WiFi, go ahead, its reasonably safe (if you lose power at the wrong moment, you could brick, but that's probably unlikely).

Now, onto the brick protection aspect. As brick protection, Priiloader is fairly poor. It's better than nothing, but no where near as good as BootMii/boot2. BootMii/boot2 can fix virtually any software related problem by restoring a NAND dump. However, if you do not have BootMii/boot2, it is strongly advised that you NEVER restore a NAND dump (although it is technically possible with BootMii/IOS, it is made purposefully difficult because it is not recommended. With BootMii/boot2, if something goes wrong, you can just try again. With BootMii/IOS, if something goes wrong, chances are your Wii is worse than before).

With Priiloader you can load BootMii/IOS in the event of a brick and restore a NAND dump (by using a GC controller to enter the Konami code), but as I said, it is not advised and is dangerous. Seeing as to reach BootMii/IOS you must be able to reach Priiloader, you instead load HBC from Priiloader and fix your brick using tools there.

In this manner you can fix banner bricks from installing bad custom channels or themes. However, you cannot fix bricks resulting from missing or corrupted System Menu or or missing or corrupted System Menu IOS. Those bricks would require BootMii/boot2 to fix. Having said this, it is very unlikely you will GET these bricks provided you are careful, don't mess with IOS or System Menu and stay away from failure "Safe Updaters" (if there is an update, there will always be info at these forums about what the update does and how to install it safely if necessary, or how to install necessary components from it)
Re: Questions about Boot2
June 01, 2011 05:11PM
I don't do any of that stuff so I basically wasted time making a bootmii nand dump. I did it cuz i have a couple of apps I want to test. Is there anyplace in this forum where i can put my work up to test? I'm not ready to release it yet. btw ty SifJar :)
Re: Questions about Boot2
June 01, 2011 05:30PM
Try the cryptically named "Testing Corner" ;)
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