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maybe using a bootmii folder from someone else can get bootmii on the wii without hackmii installer

Posted by aliboy4 
Could there could be a way to use someone's bootmii folder to use bootmii without the hackmii installer.
Because when I use the hackmii installer to install bootmii it does not work even when i turn the wii off,
the bootmii folder is not in the sd card.If it is possible can i have a download link of a bootmii folder for
4.3e,if there is a separate folder for each version and religion if there is not then can i have the bootmii folder from any wii.
edit:The problem is here [forum.wiibrew.org] it says at the end of my post edit:i turned the wii off so i do not need help anymore.However i still did not have bootmii installed because bootmii can't install the bootmii folder in the sd card and can't continue the installation of bootmii on boot2.

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Along with having the bootmii folder, you need to have bootmii actually installed on the wii. What problems are you getting when you try to install bootmii from the hackmii installer? If the installation seems to work, but the files aren't appearing, try a new SD card, some don't work.
I solved the problem and installed it on my wii.
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