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bootmii folder on SD card

Posted by error41 
bootmii folder on SD card
December 12, 2011 04:22AM
Hi, quick question for you all:

Do the contents of the 'bootmii' folder at the root of the SD Card change when you make NAND backups? I've been keeping the 'bootmii' folder, keys.bin and nand.bin backed-up in versions on my computer, and I back up my NAND before and after I make changes to my Wii, such as installing new homebrew or utilities. I made my first NAND backup immediately after I installed HBC and BootMii/boot2, and I copied the folder and the two .bin files to my computer, but I have since lost/misplaced the 'bootmii' folder for my first backup. Can I take the 'bootmii' folder for any other backup I've made and use that instead? In other words, does the 'bootmii' folder not change and thus is interchangeable between backups?

Hopefully I'm clear enough and that this question hasn't been asked before: I search this section of the forum and didn't find anything relevant. Thank you!
Re: bootmii folder on SD card
December 12, 2011 08:00AM
Yeah the "bootmii" folder doesn't change so you can use your other ones. You can also run the HackMii Installer and choose "Prepare SD card" and it will put the file's needed by BootMii.
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