Need some helps :)
December 23, 2014 04:49AM
Hey everyone :p, so my friend was really great to me and he hacked my wii, got 20xx all set up, and bootmii installed. However dumb me wanted to also get the hackless version of PM on that sd card as well so I could play PM on one wii without have to switch over to my other SD card to play PM. So long story short I tried to install riivolution through one of the apps in the homebrew chanel that mike told me not to touch, but ending up messing around in there because I dont listen well :p and now bootmii doesnt start up at the home screen, but if I go into homebrew chanel I can press start and then go into bootmii. Yes I have turned off the console when in bootmii and in homebrew and neither make it start from bootmi when i turned it back on :'( . I know this is prob just going to annoy some of you, so im sorry in advance for my post about a small request thats worded rather fluffy ^-^

Anyyyywayy the request, how can I get bootmii to start up again when i turns on my wii so I dont need the sensor cable no more?

:-) Thanks,
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