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Requests for HBC: Mainly customable themes

Posted by Vrilya 
Requests for HBC: Mainly customable themes
June 04, 2009 05:17AM

I have been looking around on the forums, google etc and I cant find anything about making yout own themes for HBC.
Dont get me wrong the current theme is awsome... but I am one of those who just have too much time and love to fiddle with things like this even if it's advanced or easy to put together (and work in the end).
If someone from Team Twiizers read this... would it be hard to implement/too timeconsuming?
There could also be a function to switch between themes to avoid copying over files etc on for example the SD card... a small little preview and creds to those/the one who made the theme.

Another thing I would find useful would be an internal FTP server... ofcourse we have wiiftpserver or whatever it's called but I hate bringing it up every time I have to transfer something over to my SD card.

I know that HBC have an extreme potential to get even better than it is at the moment... but I guess we will find about more about things in the future to come.

Thanks for listening, what you have done for the Wii-scene is beyond amazing!
Re: Requests for HBC: Mainly customable themes
June 06, 2009 02:48PM
that would be cool. Both those things. But from what I've heard FTP on the Wii is very slow, so I'm not too fussed on that. Never actually tried it, cause I find it easier just to stick the SD card in my laptop.
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