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Ideas, requests

Have an idea for an app, but don't know how to code it? Started on an app and need some help finishing it? Looking for something to code?  
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Mega Merged: Internet Browser Request Thread   (Pages: 1 ... 10 11 12)

by Arikado
28,06622612/07/2012 05:47PM
Last Post by gave92


by Arikado
4,306109/22/2009 08:02PM
Last Post by Arikado

Geometry Wars Type Game

by 11ssims
2,565409/11/2016 10:11PM
Last Post by profetylen

Wii U pro Controller

by pavo9001
997208/20/2015 06:39AM
Last Post by tueidj

Need help making Wii homebrew to power USB microrelays to turn things on and off. (Use your imagination)

by Razor_keen
1,052207/20/2015 07:50AM
Last Post by tueidj

wii dvd movie ripper?

by jacoblong09
1,091206/19/2015 04:54PM
Last Post by bg4545

AirPlay/Chromecast to Wii

by logdef
1,676206/14/2015 01:47AM
Last Post by tueidj

running mac os 9 and earlier on wii

by w11hac31n
1,590103/28/2015 06:47PM
Last Post by w11hac31n

The Last Starfighter

by punkydudester
1,198301/13/2015 06:26AM
Last Post by punkydudester

Logitech Speed Force Compatibility Hack

by Boonle
2,812305/13/2014 04:31AM
Last Post by Boonle

Porting request - Sqrxz 3 by Retroguru - Source will be provided!

by Kojote
1,520212/10/2013 02:02PM
Last Post by Wiimpathy

Keyboard controls

by macahomie
1,580512/04/2013 09:06AM
Last Post by bg4545

WiiJoker - Wii emulator in C++ - WIP

by bubble.rogue
1,670410/08/2013 05:02AM
Last Post by bg4545

U64EMU, the Killer Instinct 1 & 2 arcade emulator, for Wii

by WarMasterXX
6,380410/04/2013 02:01AM
Last Post by owen

Requesting a 32X Emulator for Wii.

by Little_Goten
4,0671108/27/2013 11:17AM
Last Post by ekeeke

Need help with ambitious project - DJ Hero Midi Control for windows.   (Pages: 1 2)

by Jezzick
16,1533207/27/2013 10:22AM
Last Post by BestBeat

dir* function wrapper

by JoostinOnline
1,651505/07/2013 02:33AM
Last Post by dancinninja

Fixing the vertical aim issue

by Traviss1990
1,913403/26/2013 04:58AM
Last Post by tueidj

how would i make a app to run specific files?

by thatguychaos1
1,7011102/18/2013 10:36PM
Last Post by thatguychaos1

WiiBrowser project (coder needed)

by gave92
1,973602/10/2013 01:36PM
Last Post by XICO2KX

EmuFlow-NTFS for SNES Doesn't work

by neim81094
2,079102/09/2013 04:52PM
Last Post by neim81094

"Heart of Darkness" Wii port

2,747102/09/2013 03:36AM
Last Post by XICO2KX

classic controller to Bluetooth HID converter

by Shamanth
1,995101/31/2013 03:35PM
Last Post by Shamanth

ao oni (port request)

by mr.pachi
1,875112/16/2012 10:45AM
Last Post by mr.pachi

HD emulator support for Wii U

by UberAndrew
1,956212/11/2012 10:52PM
Last Post by tueidj

Minecraft Wii Edition. need help read now!!!

by filfat
9,4151612/10/2012 07:53AM
Last Post by filfat

Toddtris graphics, etc

by toddy
1,697112/02/2012 11:05AM
Last Post by toddy

Overclock the Wii?

by SoraK05
4,110411/24/2012 11:37AM
Last Post by SoraK05

Mixing GUI with CLI?

by Shane2100AD
1,754111/23/2012 11:33PM
Last Post by Shane2100AD

[REQ] Raknet port

by filfat
1,817111/22/2012 07:21PM
Last Post by filfat

Anyone interested in a simple program to use your Wiimotes as controllers on the PC?

by Chrisu
2,735211/22/2012 03:18PM
Last Post by vinz2677

STILL LOOKING: CODER NEEDED! Game almost finished! I can pay you!

by Yoghurt
2,8301011/22/2012 09:53AM
Last Post by j0ker