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Posted by Arikado 
September 22, 2009 10:02PM
The purpose of this forum is to get people together to work on and create Wii homebrew. Creating a good piece of Wii homebrew is a complicated task and is usually done by more then one person, so this forum aims to let people conglomerate on projects there is a common interest on.

This forum is also here for people to request features to be added to existing applications so long as said requests are reasonable.

Ground rules for posting any topic here:
If you post a topic here, you have done so because you are looking for help on a project (ie: Idea or Request) you can not complete yourself or becuase you are looking for a feature to be added to an existing application. However, before posting, you must already have some work done on this project. Even if your work is limited to researching how it would be possible to create your dream project or implement that extra feature, you must put forth some effort before posting a topic here. Likewise, you must be willing to stick to your project.idea and continue to work on it as best you can after posting a topic about it. People who are not fully serious about what they post and completely unwilling to show any signs of support for their project will have their topics deleted.

Do NOT request or post the following:
Unfortunately, there are a ton of redundant and unacceptable requests regularly posted in this forum.

The redundancies force people who know what they're talking about to repeat what they've already said to other people. Honestly, it's extremely annoying and a better alternative is to simply continue existing discussions instead of restarting those discussions from the very beginning.

From here on, this post will outline topics which the posting of will not be tolerated in this forum. New topics posted about the below subjects will be deleted. Again, since the subjects outlined here already exist in existing discussions, please use the search function and continue the existing discussions.

-Anything in violation of the forum rules (read the rules here: [forum.wiibrew.org] )

-Anything that is not open source

-Insanely complex ideas that you have put no effort into prior to posting them

-Ideas solely involving putting Wii controls into Gamecube games

-Ideas involving linking the DS to the Wii (unless you've worked on this yourself)

-Ideas involving downloading the DS demos from the Nintendo Channel (unless you've worked on this yourself)

-A full speed N64 emulator

-A video recorder or screenshot capturer application that runs in the background of the Wii's natural processes

-An .exe launcher

-A Gamecube Emulator

-A PS2 Emulator

-An Xbox Emulator

-A Dreamcast Emulator

The content of this post is up for debate.
You may PM me in response to this post.

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