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Language Translator

Posted by kamg 
Language Translator
June 05, 2009 02:49PM
Hi, I don't know if its feasible but I have an idea on my mind. How about a language translator that translates the Wii System Menu to English. I have a Japanese Wii and I know that you can change the region simply to NTSC-U or PAL to have English but for people like me who has a modchip that can't change its region via a disc update or simply put people are afraid to do it, it could prove a boon. Getting an exact translation is obviously difficult (unless Wii communicates over Wi-Fi to some translator service) but even if it gives some vague translated text, a user might figure it out.

Maybe an app that could load from HBC and restart the Wii Sys Menu?

Re: Language Translator
June 13, 2009 05:54PM
That's a pretty good idea. But sadly I know how to program (a bit) but don't know how to apply it to the Wii. :(
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