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A new preloader

Posted by arasium 
A new preloader
June 09, 2009 10:09AM
I've an idea than can help people than can't use bootMii as boot2.

So, it's based on preloader. Actually, the preloader use an IOS (I don't know which IOS is used but it doesn't matter). So my idea is to create an IOS with the mini framework and use it with a new preloader.

Then, we can add an option to the preloader to launch directly bootMii without using the HBC.

So if we use that, we will have more security because the system won't use any classic ios (through the preloader or throught the HBC) to launch bootMii.
Re: A new preloader
June 09, 2009 01:11PM
This does not add any security whatsoever, Nintendo can still patch BootMii out if you ever go to the official side of things.
Re: A new preloader
June 09, 2009 03:16PM
It's not what i mean. I don't care about Nintendo!

Actually, the preloader is running under an IOS (i think it's the ios60 if you are in 4.0).
So i'm thinking about writing an ios with mini (for exemple IOS253) and use it to run the preloader. So then, we can modify the IOS60 without any problem of brick (and also, add an option to load the bootMii without using the HBC).

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