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My legacy

Posted by henke37 
My legacy
June 10, 2009 10:53PM
I lost my wii on the flight from ccc last year and now I want to finish cleaning up the mess that lead to.
I have some old code, two libraries and one windows application, that I want to release to someone else for further maintainment and development.

It is SendElf. Yes, the sendelf. It still hasn't any support for usbgecko, the main goal would be to add support for that. As it is made in c++ with the windows api, any candidate should be familiar with both.

I also have two libraries, the first is my half finished sound library. It is written in c++ and has a design idea to let the coder have full control of the audio path. Applicants for this should have a good understanding of c++ and previous experience with sound related apis.

The last one is the only one that never got any publicity, a little canvas library for libwiisprite. It's written in c++. It could use some additional drawing algorithms and such.

Please, only serious offers, none of these projects are for a first timer, they require experience. I am not going to demand any proof of suitability, those who honestly believe that they are advanced programmers will already know that they can do this.
Re: My legacy
June 10, 2009 10:57PM
Believe it or not, I found your canvas library useful when I was first starting out development; trying to figure out transparency with libwiisprite :P Remember those good old days?

I really wish you would continue work on your sound library though. I was looking forward to that... :(
Re: My legacy
June 11, 2009 08:23AM
I wish that I could continue development too, but it's kinda hard when you don't have a wii.
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