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Homecomputer Emulation - Discfiles & Configuration Container

Posted by Starlord 
Homecomputer Emulation - Discfiles & Configuration Container
September 21, 2009 11:39PM
Hi Folk,

Got an idea concerning homecomputer emulation like amiga, c64, dosbox (it's not a homecomputer but will also work) etc.
The idea is to combine multidisc games into one file and extending this file with additional informations so that an emulator knows specific settings for the game.

This is not a new clue and it's based on retro platform files. (amgia and c64 forever).

The aim is to create a simple structure and handling for emulation.
Instead of having e.g 10 disc files you will have 1 container file.
Instead of configure e.g the kickstart 1.3, 2.0 or 3.0 you will have 1 xml in the container with all configurations and boot up informations.
The possibility to extend the retro file with maybe controller settings (keyboard to classic controller mappings) is also present.
This would make things a lot more comfortable and easier (for user and developer).

Theoretically, this is not only a benefit for homecomputer emulation but a benefit for general emulation.
It's not a difficult way to implement this file handling in the "on going" projects like UAE, DosBox, C64 etc.
What is the rest of devs thinking about?
I posted cause I thought it's an interessting option for homebrew/emulators.
I just wanted to create a sample, but at the moment I have to much to do.
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