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FCEUltra GX boxart mod

Posted by satriani89 
FCEUltra GX boxart mod
November 30, 2009 05:33PM
can someone help me doing a FCEUltra GX boxart mod like SNES9xGX boxart mod [www.youtube.com]

please, i really want this but i can't code :(

(snes9xgx boxart mod here [www.mediafire.com]
fceultra gx source here [code.google.com])


Giantpune (on GBATEMP)
Not abandoned. what else is there left to do? it works. anybody with a bit of know how can create a patch and apply it to any version of this emulator with little effort. i have even included the layout for the GBA and NES covers and they are just commented out of the code. what else do you expect?

it shouldn't be that hard

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Re: FCEUltra GX boxart mod
December 02, 2009 08:13PM
no one can help me with this ??? it looks so simple :(
Re: FCEUltra GX boxart mod
December 03, 2009 03:56AM
did you bother to read the code? i already adjusted the code for the gamebox sizes for GBA and NES. it is there and just commented out. all you really need to do is make a diff/patch of the snes9x version, apply the patch to the GBA or NES version, change the comment to use the correct numbers for whatever boxes you have and thats it. there may be some minor compile errors to fix, but all the changer i made are in the libwiigui part so those should be the same across all the emulators. there are only like 2 functions and a struct in menu.h and .cpp and maybe 1 function in filebrowser.cpp to move.

maybe you meant to ask "would somebody do this for me" instead of "will somebody help me do this".

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Re: FCEUltra GX boxart mod
November 26, 2010 10:14AM
I know that this seems simple to giantpune & others but why not have a super nice emulator that will download the cover art as part of the emulator. Almost everyone wants cover art because it looks so nice & professional. BTW some of us that can't program do donate to these guys putting the work in. People are always going to push for something more complete. After have the forwarder channel made this just feels like the final step that should just be included. Sorry Tantric, I'm not implying to work you to death but you do beautiful work & giantpune did a fabulous job & did even better teasing the crap out of everyone with his youtube video we just can't help but want something that nice. It should really be done for all of them. It would be Masterful, a truely beautiful addition.

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Re: FCEUltra GX boxart mod
November 26, 2010 08:49PM
Stop bring back dead topics.
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